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Der Pelletofen Kelly ist elegant und stilvoll. Seine Tiefe ist nur 26 cm. und kann das ganze Haus aufheizen. Seine feine Größen und klares Design machen ihn das Zentrum des Wohnungsinterieur. Hinter dem schwarzen Glas kann man die Brennstoffkammer sehen. Sie können zwischen zwei Korpusfarben auswählen. Kelly ist zuverlässig und leicht umzugehen.

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Nennwärmeleistung kW 9,0
Wirkungsgrad % 94,1
CO mg/m3 (bei 13% O2 ) 0,19
Staub mg/m3 0,017
M-Strom g/s 5,8
Temp. °C 111
PW pa 5-12
Abzug Ø mm 80
Zuluft Ø mm 40
Gebläse ja
Warmluft ja
Pelletbehälter kg 20
BAFA 2014 gefördert
BimschV Stufe 2
Art. 15a 2015 ja

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  1. Bewertet mit 4 von 5


    To me this story represents way too much seoncd-guessing on both sides and not enough frank communications. First of all, I don’t understand why didn’t you simply ask the sales rep directly to explain how come she wasn’t able to meet her sales target while the rest of her colleagues in the sales team were able to meet theirs? That would have been the beginning of a far more productive dialogue to pinpoint precisely what was causing her to under-perform over the last six months, rather than you as a boss simply presuming that it was all down to her relationship troubles and that she was just using excuses to hide that „fact“. By not giving her the chance to confront the reality of the sales figures of the whole team you are denying her an opportunity for growth as well as being rather misogynistic in assuming that the reason a female sales rep may underperform must be due to boyfriend problems. If you don’t accept her rationale that her underwhelming performance was due to a downturn in the market, etc., why didn’t you say that to her face and explain your own reasons for why her excuses didn’t wash with you. That way she would have been forced to confront her own shortcomings – after all, problem recognition is the first step to problem resolution. Or maybe you would find out that there was still a legitimate reason why she underperformed whilst the rest of her colleagues met their sales targets. And if you really have grounds to suspect that boyfriend troubles may be the root cause of all this, you or your right-hand-woman Kelly could have asked her tactfully but directly about it to see if she herself considered that to be the reason. Simply assuming that personal issues might have been the reason without giving the employee a chance to confirm or disconfirm the assumption herself is NOT the way to helping the emplooyee even if personal issues were indeed the problem. And why did you have to hide the fact that you had been trying to help her by rescheduling the call rota? Explaining to her beforehand that this was what you were going to do in an effort to help her increase her sales leads would have given her fair warning about the changes she was going to face, because otherwise it would have been simply seen as disruptive to the sales team who had no clue why the call rota was changed (which was perhaps partly the basis to her claim that the sales team felt they were being messed about by you as the boss).Also, even if you don’t buy the story that her underperformance was to do with the market or the product, it would still have been helpful to really listen to her arguments rather than dismiss them out of hand. After all, she is a member of the frontline sales reps dealing directly with clients and competitors, and learning about the arguments being put forward by clients in declining your offerings would only be useful to the company ultimately. And perhaps if you have given her a chance and help her talk through the problems constructively, maybe you would discover that perhaps there is indeed a perception issue in some clients and maybe you need to change the sales propositions for some of your clients even though there’s nothing wrong with the product itself, that the sales pitch that she had been using previously no longer worked and so the problem is not that she underperformed because of her boyfriend troubles but simply that she needed to change her sales tactics. What has transpired instead seems like a lost opportunity and you seemed to have just taken the path of least resistence by just getting rid of an underperforming sals rep who was formerly a star on the team. I’m not saying that you’ve necessarily made a bad decision by getting rid of her – she is underperforming, after all – but it looks like it could have been a much more INFORMED decision if a frank and serious dialogue has taken place.

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